like life unwilling to bend to the wind breaking wings bringing journeys to an end.

a rose would rise not seeing what plans are hidden for tomorrow, but rises anyway;
the waves, they know, they break every time, but they know they will always come back;
the sun, we think it goes behind the horizon; it just allows us to see the dark side in us;
the river flowing generously all itself into the ocean without guarantees it will ever get back
yet it does as everything, consumed by the moment enjoying the flock when they pass,
not closing their eyes to pretend they’re in the middle of the sky, diving, gliding without wings
not lurking behind some trees hiding waiting to take the best shot and kill them all;
they do kill every moment, they watch them all die too slowly that they own of which none.

like mother nature, the rock always rolls down the mountain; it takes will and effort to go up;
what dies and what lives does not define or change what they have been all the time;
no matter how many miles your feet have tread or mine; they’re never yours nor mine;
an eternal song you keep mute and clog your lips, yet unchokable inside is your heart—
when it started we started all; we cannot bet the day it’ll stop, along with it, we won’t—
the miscalculation of all time; it’s never you or him or me; it’s never been or; it’s all;
seven colors, we think, make a rainbow; together combined as white as one,
and at night we thought we owned the stars; we keep orbiting; they belong to everyone.

you and I are unbreakable
every moment is worth a treasure we only know when we leave behind and let go;
unbreakable we thought you and I are, but no, we’re as fragile as the melting snow—
nothing lasts longer than spring; nothing’s as strong; no one’s unbreakable
come along my friend, let’s celebrate our fragility.

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