Danny Ballan

Welcome to my personal website. I am Danny Ballan. I love education, writing, music and playing chess.

I host English Plus Podcast and publish English Plus Magazine on my business website. Check it out and never stop learning with English Plus.

I also write fiction and nonfiction, but I will have to say that poetry is the thing I enjoy writing the most. You can check my books below. 

I also write music for my stories and poems. You can listen to my music below. 

If you have any questions or if you would like to connect, you can reach me at danny@dannyballan.com

Read My Fiction Books

Long Way from Home

Read My NonFiction Books

Crossword Puzzle Vocabulary Building 10-Book Series
Word Search Games and Activities 10-book Series
Brain Fitness Puzzles and Activities Series
Brain Fitness Sudoku Series

Listen to My Music

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