I write today
As I write everyday—
For the few.
Not that no one else
Gets the words,
Or that they were not sent
To their address,
But head after head
Had turned away,
And only those few
Still care about words.

It’s too noisy!
Too much to bear;
The phone
The alerts,
And the electromagnetic signals
Tend to tear
What’s still left
That move with words;
That dances on the moonlight,
Not the iPad’s backlight;
That still talk
Without hiding the truth
Behind a small eye
Shying out the character;
That still believe
World is also out there,
All there killed
Are still out there alive;
That still achieve
The most of everything new,
But it all starts with human
And it all ends with human;
Only as humans we can thrive
And be ourselves,
Not like a mere puppet
Waiting in one big line
To see the end
On a cash register
Counting the value
We have taken,
But have we not ever given anything?

Buy more and more,
And tear down a store after store.
Now that lives inside your house;
Now it fattens you.
And the more you chase,
The more you feel a mouse.
All this I do
And you do—
We all do.
Yet do we do more?
Do we take one more step?
And venture out of the door
Where happiness might be?
But isn’t adventure
What we are all living for?
Ain’t we have the guts
To take this life head on?
Not hiding behind a screen
Texting our feelings
Even without ink…
Ain’t we have the guts
To take this life head on?
We live on a screen
We love on the cloud
We fiber optically succeed—
Perhaps when we die,
Should be rest in piece
On a bad-sectored
Hard disk drive?!


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