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Shivering like a September tree
In a futile quest to save its leaves
Shedding them one by one, like tears
Burning its cheeks with wildfire
Leaving a map on it of lost desire,
And a heart longing to be free—
I am enchained to that chair also shedding
Before a screen that tells you nothing;
No matter how long you ask:
How are my days stolen away?

Tablets and computers promise you answers—
To a bland question, a blunt answer does not exist;
You listen well then you may hear it,
The sound does not come from dull speakers
Trying to break the invincible silence inside—
Words come in, nothing comes out,
For words must be created in your heart.
Next time, turn off the song and listen
Like the September tree, you’re dying,
Yet every year a chance to turn green
Do it long enough, you might become evergreen,
For the music you tried to dance to
Was missing the main instrument that’s you,
Sitting again on the desk fighting a battle
When the war was lost a long time ago—
This is not your war anymore
Break free and let go; just let go.

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