Between the lips,
Might there be mystery?
Some laugh has served its time?
Trust is built strong
Enough for heavy words to mount?
Or is it just a kiss?
To hold fast or to flee?
To remember or to forget?
To think or not to think?
Say something—
I cannot tell
What lies at the bottom of the ocean;
What stands between heaven and hell.
Say something—
Your silence is killing me.

Years looking into women’s eyes
Left me with no clue;
An endless tunnel,
An abyss,
Or a stairway to heaven.
Too foggy to see you;
Too dim to shine through.
I take a step to see
Where the next might lead,
And might not!
The last thing to find
Is what you first thought.
A woman is like the sea;
You just need to sail,
Not to know every spot.

Say something—
Deep are the valleys of doubt;
Wide can be imagining—
What has been done,
And what yet will come to be.
Judge me not,
For I might be,
For you, what I would never be;
But if silence sleeps with you tonight,
I might never know;
And tomorrow,
Might come when you bear its fruit:
Say something!


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