There on your warm lap, I vanished
Surrendered all my powers to you.
And not like they thought, I knew-
That all of you around just feigned.
My head on your lap for one moment;
It was everything I had always sought.
And damn it, I knew that I thought
my doom was so imminent.
Too foolish I may be to rush to my end,
But for once I knew my heart’s desire.
Never cared if the world after would be on fire,
And break my wings that would never mend.
I can see the look of “Poor, Poor Samson!”
For Delilah, you have felt me deep inside;
No matter how hard the flower would hide,
The fragrance will surely spread on and on.

The heart of bird ripped out of his chest,
The wings clipped. Though lost all the might,
Time regrew them just to do this one last flight,
And put the memory of a heart at a final rest.
One final death dance done in so sly a way,
For blood and honor no more a nectar make;
In vain all the tries of the damned dead wake,
I brought down the temple on all in dismay.
I die today with a divine taste from high above,
Too brave my heart is to ever run for cover.
So hardly can it find a better earthly endeavor
Than to be born and fight and live and die for love.

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