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Learn English every day with our daily episodes. With every episode there is a custom post with interactive videos and activities, and PDF downloadable worksheet with its answer key, and the show notes of the episode.

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Stories | The Machine

Description Immerse yourself in The Machine, a story by Danny Ballan from The Antichrist short story collection. Listen to the story with original music composed for the story and sound effects that will take you right in the middle of the action of the story. Audio...

A Wounded Bear – Poem

They call me a bearSo powerful, so strong—A wounded bear I amI wish I could just hibernateAnd wake in another worldWake to another landI once called my home. A wounded bear I am,None can take me head-onBut like everything I wearCell by cellAll the mightThe show...

Literature | The Odyssey

Literature | The Odyssey TOC  [hide]DescriptionAudioTranscriptDescriptionIn this Literature | The Odyssey episode, we will talk about the Odyssey by Homer. We will talk about the plot, the characters, and the main themes in this immortal book from Greek...

Understanding Human | Personality Key Traits

Understanding Human | Personality Key Traits TOC  [hide]DescriptionAudioTranscriptDescriptionIn this Understanding Human episode Personality Key Traits, we will talk about the key traits of human personality—extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness,...

Poetry | What’s Wrong

In this episode, you will listen to five poems: Not Black from Chaos, I Wanna Outrun the World from Identity, The Social Bluff from The War Edition, Come Take Away from Juno, and Mighty Ulysses from The Scream. Audio Not Black – from Chaos Did you really think you can...

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