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In this Literature | The Odyssey episode, we will talk about the Odyssey by Homer. We will talk about the plot, the characters, and the main themes in this immortal book from Greek literature.



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Welcome to the second episode of the literature series from English plus podcast in which we’re featuring the works of the ancient Greek poet Homer, this time with an exploration of what may be the first and greatest adventure of all time. The Odyssey in the sequel to The Iliad, written probably when Homer was a mature man and sometime around 750 BC. The poet follows the travels of Odysseus.


Hero of the Trojan War, doomed to travel 10 years after the end of the war before he can return to his home in Africa. The idea of an extended journey is a popular one in fiction, and has never been exhausted, for it offers a chance to symbolize inner journeys. In this case, the dramatic journey of Odysseus from Troy to ethica is a metaphysical journey from death to life, for he returns to his home, as a man who has been tested, who has come through his personal rite of passage, and is now far more a man than when he left. This idea of a hero’s journey has been a perpetual theme in western literature ever since Homer established it. The formula in such journeys is separation, initiation and return. The hero sets out from the world of familiarity and common experience into a region of supernatural wonder he encounters to reflect


forces and must undergo terrible ordeals. But he is victorious. He then returns from his adventures with new powers and insight and becomes admired and respected by his fellow man. This is the traditional pattern, and it owes its roots to the epic story you learn about in this episode. You became familiar with a background of this story in our last episode on the Iliad, but let’s review a few important points. Odysseus set out for the Trojan War, unwillingly, he’s been told by an Oracle that if he went, he wouldn’t return home for 20 years. At first, he tried to feign sanity. But his trick was exposed, and he had to join the other Greeks in their battle to win the city of Troy. He was a strong warrior, but was known more for his cunning and intelligence than for his strength. The battle for Troy lasted 10 years and at


The end of that time. Although the Greeks were victorious, Odysseus knew there were still 10 years remaining before the prophecy of his 20 year absence was fulfilled. He was one of the few great warriors to survive the Trojan War. Yet he was deprived the opportunity to return home a hero. There are many differences between the story of the Odyssey and that of the Iliad. The Iliad honors the hero, the man of honor who stands out in battle, because he performs better and he has more retail or excellence than any other warrior. Hero wisdom in the Odyssey is another matter. Odysseus is not the young, confident warrior he and Achilles once were, he’s older, tired after 20 years of warfare and travel, and he’s in exile, instead of strength or irritate it is craftiness and resourcefulness that gets him by the Iliad is the great epic of battles destroyed.


correction and death. The Odyssey is the great epic of travel and adventure. The Iliad reflected the values and struggles of ancient Greek men, but the Odyssey reflects the struggles of every man and every time. This explains the enduring significance of the book. By the fifth century BC, 300 years after Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey had become the Old and New Testaments of the Greeks. They were the strongest literary, religious and social forces in Greek life. In the following centuries, Homer would continue to be the inspiration for stories, plots, themes and mythology for other writers and philosophers, and would disappear only for a time in areas where the Greek language was unknown. Socrates quoted Homer in the famous trial for his life, Alexander the Great carried a copy of the Iliad on his journeys. Virgil duplicated the pattern of the Odyssey in his innate almost


To the point of plagiarism, and or even Homeric passages in the New Testament, his influence continued through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and beyond. Inspiring Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Byron, Keats, Tennyson, and others to numerous dimension. In modern times. The effect of his work is just as strong. The two most famous Homer inspired books being James Joyce’s Ulysses, and Nikos kazantzakis Odyssey films to have been profoundly influenced by Homer’s epics, the most obvious example being Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey, based on Arthur Clark’s novel that translated Homer’s poem of land and sea into a space journey. The centuries of acclaim that have followed Homer are only part of his success, for he also gave the Greeks of his time and national identity before Homer, Greeks tended to identify


Their own region and kingdom, but it was his books that inspired in them a sense of unity and pride in being Greek. For that he has always been especially admired and appreciated in his own homeland. The Odyssey is organized into three main parts, and readers often find the chronology or order of events confusing. The first part of the book tells the adventures of teller Marcus, the son of Theseus, teller Marcus has been at home in ethica, awaiting his father’s return, along with his mother and oh, this is faithful wife, Penelope. But shortly after the beginning of the book, Tila maka sets out on a voyage to see if he can learn news of his father. In the second part of the book, Homer relates to see adventures and travels of Theseus himself as he relates them to his hosts the violations in the last part of the book, or VCs returns to ethica and must reassess


himself in his household, which has been overrun by suitors seeking the hand of the loyal Penelope. Odysseus is not present in the entire first third of the book. Although he is an indirect presence since the thoughts and actions of the other characters center around him, the entire Odyssey takes place in less than six weeks. But in this 40 day framework, Homer includes the history of the past 19 years. Through flashback and recollection, we learn about the Trojan War, the fate of its heroes and the adventure of a DCs in the period that followed the war. The actual story begins at the end of Odysseus his wanderings, 40 days before he returns home. At this point, he’s on the deserted island of Calypso, alone and weeping. He’s already experienced in chanted Isles, one eyed giants sorceresses and cannibals Homer


chooses this moment, because it’s a pivotal point in the adventure. Odysseus has been tested, has thrived and can return home reborn. Before we begin in the details of this Odyssey, here’s a brief summary of the major characters in the story. The hero DCs is a native of ethica, a veteran of the Trojan War, a man short and strong in build, known for his cleverness and Wiles. It was he who thought up the idea of the famous Trojan horse Gambit, which gave the Greeks final victory over Troy. He’s a favorite of Athena, Goddess of war, wisdom and craft. She is the shrewdest of gods. He is the shrewdest of mortals. Odysseus can be unscrupulous and merciless, but he’s also resourceful, skilled and has a curious inquiring mind. Penelope is Odysseus his wife and has become a symbol throughout the ages of fidelity. She waits devotedly


ethica for 19 years for the return of her husband, rejecting her many suitors and resisting the pressure of her community, which would like her to marry again, even her own doubts as to whether Odysseus is still alive can dissuade her from her loyalty. Tell him Marcus is the son of Penelope and Odysseus at the beginning of the story. He’s an adolescent, but he proves his manhood later when he fights by his father’s side, you may ascend Euroclear are two servants in Odysseus household who both remained faithful to the family and to its absent master. You may ask is a swineherd and will later help Odysseus sleep and ellaby suitors Euroclear is still a Marcus nurse. Your Marcus is the leader of the suitors for Penelope his hand. He’s a suave, hypocritical liar. Liar. These is Odysseus father in grief over his last son. He is with


drawn from the city and lives on a farm. Poseidon is the God of the sea and a sworn enemy of Odysseus. This is because of these years has blinded his son the Cyclops, Searcy is a goddess who tries unsuccessfully to turn Odysseus and his crew into swine. her charms keep Odysseus from leaving her for a year. The cyclopses are a race of one eye giants. Calypso is a minor goddess who keeps Odysseus on her island of Asia. Her name means concealer. The Lotus eaters are people who drug themselves by eating Lotus and spend their time in complete withdrawal from reality and a permanent state of euphoria. These are the characters mortal and immortal, natural and supernatural, who played key roles in the Odyssey. Now let’s begin the story. After the Greeks had defeated the Trojans at Troy, and peace had been reestablished the Greek heroes who said


revived returned home, all except Odysseus, who after many adventures had been taken captive by the goddess Calypso, who loved him and kept him on her Island. Odysseus longed for his wife, Penelope and his son, Tila Marcus. unknown to him, Penelope was surrounded by suitors who had moved into her palace and who argued for her hand in marriage. She’s also receiving pressure from the community of Ithaca, which wants her to marry so they can have a king again. Now it’s the time ordained by the gods for a DCs return. They meet on Olympus, except for Poseidon enemy over these years who is absent, Athena ODC, his friend and Guardian asked Zeus to send a message to Calypso, saying she must release her captive. Then Athena herself goes to ethika Odysseus homeland to see his son Dylan Marcus. Athena adopts the disguise of a man


And tell Stella Marcus she knows his father. She says he’s still alive and advises telemarketers to send the suitors home and urge his mother to return to her father’s house there. If she wants to marry again, she can make the announcement and plan her wedding, then telemarketers should set sail to find his father’s former friends in battle. Perhaps they can give him clues as to his father’s whereabouts. She suggests Nestor, the elderly adviser to the Greek troops at Troy and middle as the husband of Helen, who was the whole cause of the Trojan War. teller Marcus has recognized the goddess and now he’s filled with hope and strength. He’s called his mother for her laxness with the suitors, and then summons a council to determine if the suitors should be sent home. The suitors complain about this plan, they say Penelope had promised to choose from among them once she completed a blanket she was weaving for a day.


His father loyalties all day she would weave but at night she would undo her work, so the task was never completed. Now the suitors will be put off no longer your Marcus as their leader insisted Penelope make a decision. But two Eagles fly overhead and the men take it as an omen. they seize their arguments. a soothsayer says the Eagles mean that Odysseus is about to return. Tella Marcus in spite of the mockery and jeers he received from others, orders that a ship and crew Be ready so he can search for news of his father, Athena disguises herself again, and orders a galley and oarsmen. telemarket nurse Euroclear helps him get the necessary provisions with a disguised goddess beside him. He sails from ethica first till a Marcus travels to pilose where Nestor lives the old man tells him of the horrible fate of Agamemnon, commander of the Greek force.


of Troy. When Agamemnon returned home, his unfaithful wife murdered him with help of her lover, his own cousin, but Nestor has heard nothing of Odysseus since he sailed from Troy. della Marcus leaves and travels by chariot to Sparta, where Malaya slips, mentally is is entertaining at his home with his wife, the famous Helen beside him. He tells the young man sadly that his father is imprisoned on the Isle of magnesia he heard the stale from a sea God, tell him Marcus prepares to return to his ship. When the people in ethica realized Allah Marcus is missing. One of the suitors sets out to waylay him at the streets, Penelope weeps in fear for her son, but Athena comes to her in a dream and assures her of telemarketers safety. Athena then complains to Zeus that no messenger has yet been sent to Calypso to demand Odysseus release. Zeus finally sends Hermes down the island of Giza


is very beautiful, but Odysseus is immune to its beauty. He sits on the beach dreaming of home, Calypso approaches him with a news that she’s received from Hermes. The news is old joy toward ECS and all sorrow to the goddess who loves him. Odysseus builds a ship and heads out with calypsos directions to guide him, but Poseidon, the sea God who dislikes Odysseus raises a storm that destroys the ship. Odysseus saves his life by clinging to a spar, a seen him takes pity on him, and gives him a scarf that will keep him safe as long as he wears it. But when he reaches shore, he must cast it back to the sea. On the third day after the shipwreck, Odysseus lands on a strange Island and falls asleep, exhausted on a bed of leaves. The island belongs to the Phoenicians, a seafaring people, the Princess of the island, who is named now seeker has a strange dream.


About a marriage in which large amounts of linen are required. So the next morning, she sends her maidens to the shore so they can wash all the household linens. The maidens complete their task and then play ball. There are no is awakens Odysseus who covers himself with an olive bow and approaches them. Now Sega is attracted to him and thinks he would make just the right kind of husband, so she takes him to the palace of her father the game. The game feeds and entertains Odysseus and orders games in his honor. The people try to coax Odysseus into playing, and when this fails, they go to him with insults. Finally, he gets up and plays his great skill shames the others. Then Odysseus asks the minstrel to sing of the siege of Troy, and of the great wooden horse, the minstrel agrees, he sings of the final strategy of the Greeks how they built a vast horse of wood. Pretending is


was an offering to the gods, then decamped and sailed away, the Trojans drag the great animal inside the walls of Troy, a company of Greeks hidden in the belly of the creature poured forth during the night and opened up the gates for their returned comrades. with them. They burned and pillaged the proud city, the Bard saying that it was Odysseus who conceived the plan, and who led the band inside the horse. It was also he who stormed the house where Helen was held and restored her to her Greek husband mantle as Odysseus begins to cry as the poet sings. So the king stops the tale. He asks why Odysseus is weeping, and his guest replies, I am Odysseus. At that point, the entire story of Odysseus wandering comes out. He says he and his companions left Troy and landed on the shores of threes, where they have plundered the local towns. They feasted there until morning.


When they were surprised by a band of natives who killed many of them, the survivors returned with Odysseus to the sea, but they were soon caught in a storm that carried them off course for 10 days. When they found land, they discovered they were in the strange land of the lotus eaters, many of Odysseus companions, eight of the lotus, and were drugged into such forgetfulness and serenity, that they had to be carried by force back to the ship. There, they had to be bound securely for they refuse to leave this island. The next stop was the island of the Cyclops fierce giants with but one single eye in the center of their foreheads. Not knowing of this danger, Odysseus and his men set out to explore the island. They found a huge cave with vast stores of milk and cream, and sat down to await the return of the owner. The owner was a cyclops a son of Poseidon, and when he entered he invested


The men and then began to devour them two at a time at each meal. Luckily Odysseus had with him a scan of strong wine, he gave it to the giant to drained it, and as Odysseus his name, Odysseus said it was no man, and the Cyclops responded that since no man had been so kind, no man would be the last to be eaten. The wine had its effect, and the Cyclops fell into a deep sleep obcs harden appointed stick of olive wood by charring it in the Giants fire. Then he and the crew thrusted deep into the single eye of the Cyclops blinded and screaming with pain, the Cyclops call for help, and the neighboring Cyclops came running, asking him who had injured him. When the Cyclops replied, No man, they returned to their homes in disgust. Then the Cyclops rolled a huge stone from his cave door, so his sheep would run out.


He was sure the men would be hiding among them, and that if he felt among the sheep, he would find them, but Odysseus outwitted him. He tied the sheep three abreast, and tie the men in under each middle sheep. Then he clung to the wall of a huge RAM and made his own escape. When the Greeks reached the safety of their ship, Odysseus yelled back at the Cyclops to taunt him. The monster hurled a rock that barely missed the ship. Then Odysseus boasting Lee told the Cyclops his real name, the furious beasts invoke the vengeance of his father Poseidon on this modal, who had destroyed his site forever. The Greek sailed on through unfamiliar seas, and at one point became the guest of the king of the winds, whose name was iOS. When they left, I always gave Odysseus an oxide bound with a silver cord. Inside were all the winds of the world, except Zephyr, who would carry


them right to home. For nine days and nights, they sail towards ethica and during that time, it was always Odysseus at the helm. At last, they saw the rocky shore of their homeland, and Odysseus overcome with fatigue, fell asleep. While he slept, the crew became overwhelmed with curiosity about the oxide back, they were sure it held a rare treasure. So they undid the court. Winds rushed out at terrific speed, and the ship was driven all the way back to iOS. Odysseus pleaded with a king of the winds to help him once more, but his pleas were in vain. The king said that the curse of the gods must be on these Greeks, and with severe words, he drove them back on their way. The next ordeal was at the hand of giant and ferocious cannibals called laced Oregonians. They destroyed all the ships except the one with Odysseus onboard.


As the sailors swam for safety, they speared them. With only his one ship left, or ECS reached the island that was home to Searcy, daughter of the son. He sent His Lieutenant and a portion of his crew to explore the interior of the island. They found the Palace of Searcy all marble, silver and gold deep in the woods, Searcy welcome them and offered them drugged wine. All but the lieutenant entered and accepted the wine. When the men were all drunk. She struck them with her wand, and though inside they were still human, on the outside, they were now swine. The lieutenant returned to Odysseus on the ship, and told him of this terrible event. Odysseus set forth at once to save his men. meeting on his way the god Hermes Hermes gave him a marvelous route that had the power to ward off searcys magic. When Odysseus entered the palace service he treated him the same as the others.


But her enchantments were powerless against the root. In this way she recognized him for his arrival on her Island had been foretold. Although these years could resist searcys magic, he couldn’t resist her physical charms, and he spent an entire year in her palace forgetting Penelope completely, but his comrades urged him to remember ethica. And finally he asked Searcy to free his crew and allow them all to depart. Reluctantly she agreed, but she warned him of dangers ahead and told him that if he wanted to know his future, he should seek the realm of the dead. And there speak to the great seer Teresa’s. So Odysseus traveled on to the land of the Americans, who lived in total darkness. In a region at the edge of Hades, the underworld. He reached a spot where two rivers mix at the entrance to Hades, and there he killed a black gram and the youth spilling their blood


into a trench dug. Immediately the shadows of the dead rushed fourth. attracted by the smell of the blood. The Prophet Teresa’s arrived and told Odysseus his future. He said the flux of the Sun were pastoring on the coast of Sicily. If he and his companions injure them, he alone would escape and would return home after long suffering. If they did not harm the hurts, they would soon see ethica then ODC his mother appeared and told him she had died of grief, and that his father by arties, was still living, but in memories and bitterness. After that game Agamemnon and Achilles his two companions from the Battle of Troy, Achilles, told him of the dark, joyless life of Hades, and Agamemnon told him of his wife’s betrayal. When he returned from the war, the ghosts crowded in on Odysseus, thousands and thousands of them and for once losing heart here


raced back to his ship and sailed away as fast as he could. The men then sailed with great caution near the island of the sirens. These twin sisters lured men to their death by the spell of their irresistibly beautiful singing, or aetius had been warned for this by Searcy. So he made the men plug their ears with wax. Then he had them tie him to the masthead and made them swear not to release him. No matter what he said or how he acted. This way. He hoped to hear the magic of the siren songs without being destroyed. As the song of the sirens reached him, Odysseus desperately tugged and pulled up the ropes that bound him, but they held and he passed by the island safely. Next, they sail through the strait that divides Sicily from Italy. On one side was the monster Silla and on the other, the monster curb this, six of the crew were destroyed, but by


following the instructions of Searcy, Odysseus was able to save the rest. Finally, they reached the land where the oxen herds of the Sun were pastored. Odysseus tried in vain to get his men to push onward, but they were weary and insisted on resting on shore. When their protests began to approach mutiny, Odysseus gave in on the condition that no one must harm the sacred oxen. They still had sufficient supplies of corn and wine given to them by Searcy, and there was no need for further food. But then the weather turned bad, and they were forced to stay a month, the food ran out, and they live by catching fish and trapping birds. One day while Odysseus slept, the men slew some of the oxen and prepare to feast on them. But as they roasted the oxen, the meat grown allowed on the spits, and the skins came to life and crawled after the men. The sun in a rage


demanded vengeance or else he swore to never again like the heavens and to retire to Hades. It was Zeus king of the gods who exactly the revenge as soon as the crew put out to see a terrible storm rose, and finally, a lightning bolt shattered the ship, tossing them all into the sea. As prophesized, only Odysseus survived. He clung to the broken mast and barely escaped corrupt this, one of the monsters guarding the Strait. he floated for nine days, and finally was cast ashore on the island of Asia, where Calypso held him captive until the intercession of Athena, who won him a pardon from Zeus. Now, the tale Odysseus has been telling is at an end, he begs permission to depart for ethica. And the Phoenicians agreed to help they load him with gifts and put in a broader galley that is leaving that evening and we’ll arrive in ethica by morning


When they reach their destination, Odysseus is asleep. They carry him on to shore and leave him under an olive tree with his presence piled next to him. Athena, his patron goddess, spreads a mist over the land so he won’t recognize it. And then she takes the guise of a shepherd boy. When he awakes, she asks him his story, and is amused and proud when Odysseus makes up an elaborate lie. Then she reveals her true identity and fills him in on the situation in ethica. To protect his identity, she touches him with her wand and turns him into an old beggar clad in filthy rags. In this disguise, Odysseus seeks out his old faithful swineherd you may as you may have is of noble birth, and you know this his absence has been acting as overseer of his estate, not recognizing the absent Prince. He treats him as a welcome guest just the same and tells him about that.


ellaby and her suitors and the absence of his Lord, but he wants the beggar not to pretend he has news of Odysseus, as so many others have in hope of earning a reward. The beggar tells a fanciful story, saying he knew Odysseus well and even fought by his side, and he wagers that one day, Odysseus will return your man this is not so hopeful, and he listens to the bigger story with skepticism, but he nevertheless makes his guests comfortable offering him a place by the fire. In the meantime, odisea sunterra Marcus has been so well entertained by min Elias and Helen that he stayed with them a month, Athena comes to him in a dream and scolds him for his procrastination. Telling him Penelope is under much pressure from her suitors, especially the wealthiest euro Marcus jolted into action tilaka sleeves The next morning, as he departs he sees an eagle fly overhead with a white goose


In its talons, Helen interprets The Omen to mean Odysseus is returning from afar and will wreak a terrible vengeance. Tell him Marcus arrives in Ithaca and travels by foot to the lodge of UMass, for he knows an ambush awaits him. The swineherd is joyous to see his young lord and Odysseus must exercise great self control and not revealing his true identity. Telemark ascends you may as to tell Penelope of his safe return. Then when father and son are alone, Athena appears although she can only be seen by Odysseus, she tells him to make himself known, the rags Odysseus are wearing fall to the ground, and royal robes clothe him, and he is once more his imposing and noble self. For a while, both father and son are so overcome with emotion that neither can speak. Then they tell their stories and they begin to plot they consider Who am I


The household has been faithful and who will help them slay the suitors for a DCs will be satisfied with nothing else. Tell him Marcus returns to the palace, where he’s greeted by the suitors with a pretence of courtesy. You may as follows with Odysseus who has once more down the disguise of a beggar. But although the disguise conceals his identity for men, it does not fool his old dog Augusts who recognizes him at once and feebly wags his tail. the faithfulness of his old hunting dog brings tears to this his eyes. Argus rises and tries to meet his master, but the effort is too much and he dies. Odysseus enters the hole and begs some food from each suitor. They all refuse except for one named antonopoulos who hurls a stool at the beggar. This is such a blatant violation of Greek hospitality, that the others rebuke him. Then another beggar appears


brawny man who threatens to drive Odysseus from the hole. With one great blow. Odysseus breaks the job of his rival, and then drags him out into the courtyard. The suitors mock the beggars, and present Odysseus with a sham victory prize of minced meat and blood. One of them a gentle young man is kind to him, and Odysseus is moved by the fate which awaits this youth. Now, Penelope enters the hall and speaks to the beggar who tells her Odysseus is on his way to ethica happy and grateful for this news. She orders that the beggar be taken to the bats and treated with great courtesy. He refuses, however, to have anyone attend him, except you’re clear, a maid servant who has remained loyal in his absence. while bathing his feet. The elderly nurse notices a scar on his thigh and recognizes her master. The scar was caused by a boar on one of his early hunting expedition.


As a young man odisea stifles her scream of surprise, and swears her to secrecy. The next day is the Festival of Apolo, the suitors all come to the hole to make revelry and they continue to make fun of the beggar. A car warns the guests that portents of doom are evident, but they jeer at him and tell him he’s as unwelcome as the beggar Penelope enters carrying Odysseus bow, which he left behind when he left for Troy. She tells all present that her husband could drive an arrow through the hollow rings of 12 x headset in a straight line. She says that if any suitor present can duplicate this feed, he will have her hand in marriage. Each of the rivals makes the effort but none can even bendable. When the beggar announces he will try all the men laugh, but he picks up the bow bends it easily and sends an arrow directly to the target.


barely even taking time to aim. Now it is time for his vengeance. The rags fall from the beggar and there stands Odysseus King of ethica. First, he drives an arrow through the neck of antonopoulos. The suitor who threw a stool at him when he first appeared as a beggar. Then with the help of his son tiller Marcus and his swineherd, you may as and one other servant, he fights the entire assembly, killing each man present one by one. He grants mercy only 221 is a messenger who is considered neutral and one is a bard. Then he asked that the unfaithful serving women be brought to him. 12 had become mistresses to the suitors, and these he takes outside and has hung by the neck, so they will suffer before they die. Now his vengeance is complete, and Odysseus is satisfied. Penelope had returned to her chamber before the slaughter began, but when she hears of it


From the devoted nurse you are clear, she rushes down. She believes what you are clear has said about the suitors being killed. But she’s doubtful about the nurses story that it’s Odysseus who’s killed them. Too many years of waiting and false rumors have made her skeptical. Even when she sees Odysseus and recognizes him, she is still doubtful. So Odysseus babes and dresses himself in the same splendor, Athena had put on him, then he returns to Penelope. In all appearances. He is just the same as he was 20 years ago when he left Africa for Troy. Now Penelope knows it appears to be him, but she wonders if a God has taken on his appearance to trick her. So she comes up with a plan for uncovering the truth. She knows that Odysseus bed was built around a live olive tree by himself and that it can’t be moved. She also knows that only she Odysseus and Euroclear


Notice, so in front of the DCS, she bids a servant to bring the Lord his own bed from their bridal chamber. Oh this is annoyed by this command yells out that no one could move that bed. He has passed the test Penelope his doubts are raised and she takes him in her arms. Then they retired to their chamber, where they filled each other in on the last 20 years. In order to give them more time, Athena delays the sunrise The next morning, with ECS sets out to his father’s farm. Meanwhile, in Hades, Hermes arrives with the souls of the dead suitors, there are over 100 of them. Agamemnon asks about the circumstances of their deaths. And when he hears about the slaughter and ethic his royal whole, he’s greatly impressed by Odysseus prowess, and by panello, peace, fidelity, and ethika. Odysseus arrives at his father’s house and identifies himself. The old man is joyful.


At the same time, relatives of the dead suitors are planning revenge have taken up arms and are heading for liabilities farm. On Olympus Athena confers with Zeus. He decides that Odysseus revenge was just and gives Athena permission to interfere as she wills when the angry kinsmen arrive at the farm. Odysseus leads out his small party to meet them by charities or DCs telemarketers and their supporters kill several in the group, and the rest flee in panic. Athena arrives and orders an end to the conflict. Zoo sends down a thunderbolt that sanctifies this command, and the battle ends. Later Athena establish a space between the factions, and Odysseus resumed his reign as king over a happy and peaceful kingdom. At the end of the Odyssey, it seems that the troubles and conflicts of Odysseus are finally over, at least for the time being, yet these struggles have been inserted


instrumental in the growth and development of his character, and seem even to be his life blood for DCs is a man who can only truly be involved in life through conflict. He is a man who would languish unhappily on a beautiful island of Calypso, which other men would consider a paradise. involvement in life and with men must contain struggle to this hero, or it has no value. He willingly faces every test of width and strength, and even seeks these tests when they don’t readily appear. In this sense, Odysseus is an example of the new man who was developing in the Homeric age, the individual, and more specifically, the individual who was in conflict with the old communal order. Even though the community of ethica would like their queen to remarry and establish order in the land. Odysseus comes charging in and upsets those plans with a shear force.


of his will. Odysseus is also a strong contrast to his crew, which functions as a community, and one that is dependent on their leader. Odysseus stands alone and independent. The goal of the hero of the Odyssey, like the hero of the Iliad, is to lead a glorious life and thus defeat death. Such a live should involve struggle and the knowledge of one’s mortality, the knowledge that one is not a god. This is not a discovery that necessarily should bring despair. Since Homer clearly shows the superiority of the mortals in both books. The gods were neither just nor merciful. They were gods simply because they were immortal, and possess special powers. Homer gives a glimpse into what life would be like without struggles and conflict, when he introduces us to the society of the lotus eaters who are drugged into an almost inanimate state. Next Door DCs with his driving, questioning.


battling, they seem like death in life. the struggles of Odysseus are key to the typical hero’s journey. He must first experienced several periods of danger and near death before he is reborn and can live life as a fully formed man. With inner awareness and strength. His wanderings became a symbol of the wanderings of his soul, the quest for understanding, insight and truth. There are many obstacles on this journey, and each requires great courage and faith. But the reward is great for when the hero has been steadfast and has remained true to his dream. He reaches his final and ultimate destination, he is delivered home. So that was all I wanted to share with you about the Odyssey. I hope you like the book itself. And I hope you like the information that I gave you about the book. If you haven’t read the book yet, by all means, just go


ahead and read it. It’s one of the books that is an essential part of the must read before you die list. So that will be all for today we will be talking about other immortal books in our literature episodes to come. So stay tuned. This is your host Danny, thank you very much for listening to the episode and I will see you next time.


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