Let’s dance and run;
And be nomadic for one day;
And every day, a new promise;
And a new land in our minds born
If barriers try to keep us away-
Like Icarus,
We take our dreams towards the sun,
And fly one more time;
For no one will remember
How foolish was what we have done,
But how further we’ve got than anyone.

Let’s shake off the ancient fear
Of our worlds tearing apart,
And the last house shattered,
And Armageddon is near.
What are we afraid of?
We’ve never had more than bricks
Covering our minds and choking our dreams
We have never had home-
But in you and you in me,
We have never had a home.

Let’s sail beyond religions;
Let’s hear the wails of those
So afraid of hell
That they live it here and beyond.
Let’s sail beyond the tribes
Seeking to preserve a pureblood,
Not for kings, and not for queens,
But the same rotten blood they’ve used for years
To poison our minds;
To tell us what’s right and what’s wrong.

Let’s not wait for the right time to come,
For its here and it is now.
At the end of life, we won’t ask
What life has done to us,
But what we have done.

Let’s dance and run-
Like two nomadic birds,
We soar up high
Towards the sun;
And even when our bodies rot,
And be buried deep beneath the sand
Our souls will never land.

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