The first step inside—
I could hear no more!
I ain’t brought you here to talk.

Our favorite couch
Like pearls we sat
Until the shell hid us away.

I took your hand to dance
In the middle of a battle—
A lot of fire; friendly fire, too.

Hey, young man at the bar,
Pour me another glass
From Lethe’s drink.

Young girl I met you before!
Oh, did you come with me?
I don’t want to see my way out.

Form the lips I might remember—
The same flavor of victory
Makes you all just the same.

If I feel the hips I might see—
The road I might have taken;
Yet, you have lost the way, too.

Barman, pour the poor man!
Rich in death, poor in life,
I’ve had enough of both.

Lights are everywhere,
Even inside my eyes.
Are we already in heaven?

Some hand swept me back—
Your skin can’t feel as soft;
We have already burned in hell.

Hands tight together as one
Taking me deep underneath—
Persephone, I feel as raped.

The lotus eaters are everywhere—
Forget the ship and home;
Home is just right here!

Love me now! We’re all the same—
No mind to push us back apart.
Awake again? Barman pour one more.

Leave me here; in a fountain of heaven;
I find my way on some breast,
Or creep across some thighs.

Out there is cold and mad;
I can understand what here I do,
But cannot, sober, outside.

I came here to forget—
Here’s also more than I can take.
What should I do, after I wake?

To be another man?
A better man?
Or a man at all and wake up?!


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