If you leave,
There will be no dreams
For which I pass the day
And after go to sleep.
The light may go
For the heart still gives
Hope to every beating moment,
That I will see your face
On the lids so clear,
That I can wait some more
For you are still there.

If you leave,
My life will go on
As it had been before,
Lifeless and bare
And all the seeds
With all the water,
No shoots could reappear;
No wheel no flag;
Nowhere to steer,
While the shore is too near
The ship will be forever lost.

Can you leave?
And know this all?
Pretend this was just an island
To pass you had to go,
Never to stay in one place,
You made a stupid promise
For once you had to rebuild the trip,
But along you destroyed the path.
Alas you can never be home,
You are too blind to see
The road ends here.
To care is just today,
Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.
Love is here and now;
Risk your life for love,
And you may live a day;
Stay in the shadows of doubt,
You will never find the way.


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