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how wrong could I be?
love’s twisting me like fate—
doors are open, I see your eyes
shining beyond the horizon
the sun I have been after—
never caught up with you,
but you would come back
if I waited, would you not?

But I can’t entrust tomorrow
with what I can’t do today—
in your dreams or
nightmares and sorrow
I had to find a way
to see you but once
and let the world embrace
the days to come;
I want you to be mine
right now, right here—
I want it all; leave the some
to those who have waited at the shore
not daring to overcome
the troubled sea;

My boat has got a heading,
no more I dare to steer—
I have already strayed too far
no more land in sight;
be my land, with all my might
I’ll quit being a captain,
settle down in your eyes
until there is no more tide,
and the sun grows thin—
it can hold me no more
catching its rays within;
I’ll have won my own sun
and the warmth of your bed
is too hot—
if you were not heaven,
I’d have thought we were in hell.

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