Little drops we fall, misty all the way down we start to see just when we hit ground;
A whirlwind of thoughts supplanting the person you thought you knew, but you did not—
slipping away in dreams to think you might live up some time away from mayhem outside;
too many voices breaking the air, vibrating like a lonely sheep in one large crowded pen—
no ears, or at least working ones, in a man-heart-black den; why bother open your eyes?

Silence among the breaking twigs already dead, a gust of wind stirs the leaves below,
arms open like the Christ, not to die to save anyone, but to take life for yourself;
the insects stopped their crawl, the birds ceased their flight, and some food left intact—
they looked, amidst their world a crazy emerges, so far neither an enemy nor a friend.
The next move decides so much the bearing; the world around stood still to comprehend;
they listened and watched and understood you are no threat, and on their way they went—
the earth around rumbled away from you along with fear; you’re a part of the lake now,
life is back; you dare not look, but a new color of blood flowing like that creek nearby, inside;
the chirping above you cannot see, yet care not to open your eyes to warm your heart—
no one cared just to kill, no one asked for help, no one asked you to die for them,
a chain linked a bond in the hands of a prisoner who never wants to run away;
a bunch of low and high notes, strong sweet or tough; together, they make up a song.
I’d love to stay here away from the laws of man, but I’ll go and tell everyone back home.

January 20, 2016

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