An Alien from Mars

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The crowd, the street was full,
all gathered around that green man
like a Christmas Turkey,
seemingly weak,
they were all ready
to stab him with their knives,
and victory to the human race—
survived another alien attack;
the rest were in the books,
this one was so real.

I pushed on to get a better view—
police surrounded that poor alien;
each stood brave and true
to keep the peace
and take some rare shots of fame.
What might he look like?
What language does he speak?
Is he a messenger,
or is he a spy?
What promise has he brought?
Why were all so obsessed
to welcome an alien from Mars?

one man asked what they drank,
gave him a Budweiser export discount;
people down from Shell
wanted to send a probe;
the old smiling man of KFC
whose man’s already prepared a franchise contract;
some stood in line to squeeze dry
all the commercial opportunities
before anyone else did.
The poor alien was shocked,
people kept pouring in with offers—
humanization deals—
he could not understand,
especially when came forth two men
in black, wired, sunglassed,
suited like messengers from heaven
delivering messages from hell;
they almost had the poor soul convinced,
his Martian national security was at risk;
they offered him one official contract
to be the exclusive arms dealers,
and two offers under the table
for an eternal mass conflict effect.
Then came two healers,
two priests from different sects;
they argued whose god was the one,
whose god would bring the aliens to light;
“The blind cannot lead the blind,”
the alien thought in his Martian logic
without even having met the Christ—
the obvious truth was obvious—
even an alien would know that.

The poor Martian alien friend
knew his people needed none of that;
he pretended he did not understand
years has he spent learning our tongue,
in vain.
He came up with a plan
to save our world;
they saw from there
we were already dying,
yet if he spoke a word,
the virus would spread—
we have been killing people to enlighten them
since the dawn of man.
He knew he could not enlighten us,
we already thought we were the sun;
He stood transfixed unable to speak.
Some men were watching from a distance,
confirmed Martians were stupid,
gave green light to operation Green Death,
and folks from NASA started to prepare
the first conquering mission in space.

April 1, 2015

from The Scream Poem Collection


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