Writing Prompt 04

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What is real and what is unreal about this picture?

We spend our lives trying to keep track of the time we spend, race against the clock, and get ahead of ourselves most of the time. How sure do we know the next moment is coming? Which is the most cherish worthy, the past, the present, or the future?

What if we could sell or buy time, would that make any difference to our memories?

Why cannot people live without memories? even though these are just a fading hazy image of the past, after so many iterations in our mind, we usually make them more beautiful than they really were. Would we create memories if we had none worthy of remembrance?

Write a short story, or a poem about what you can discern from this painting and share a link to your story with us here on Danny B. You can be generous and share a link to this writing prompt on your website or your social media.


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