What Will Life Sound Like Without Music

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Nothing is more revered than silence and nothing is more celebrated than sound. Although we need both in our lives, yet all the creativity is not in the silence that is just the same anywhere on the globe, but in making sounds and filling the air with a whole range of happy tunes or sad tunes, invigorating or depressing, and just about anything the imagination can reach is playable through music.

Music is all around us; it’s right there in trees, in the songs of birds, through the waves of the sea, and the whisper of the wind. We might all enjoy nature’s tunes, but true music lies in our souls and what we tend to like, react to, create, inspire, and influence the world with. Music is all about what we can give to this world even when we are not composers. When music inspire something in us to do something then music had us give something to the world.

Notes and Beats is about music from different genres and parts of the world. It is not about the science of music, but about the appreciation of it. It is but a simple reflection of what music can do to our lives. From classical to jazz to rock, country and more, Notes and Beats Series will try to visit these different genres and get a glimpse of the human soul in each one of them. From Beethoven to Elvis to Michael Jackson and The Beatles, Notes and Beats will try to appreciate the great contributions these artists made to world music legacy.

Here are some of the most common music genres:

(Of course there are a lot more genres than listed here, so forgive me if your favorite kind of music is not listed below)

Heavy Metal Sample:  Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden 

Classical Sample: Ballade No.1 Op.23 By Frederic Chopin

Classic Rock Sample: Hotel California by The Eagles

Blues Sample: Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters

Jazz Sample: Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles

Rap Sample: Ganagsta’s Paradise by Coolio

Pop Sample: My Love Don’t Cost A Thing by Jennifer Lopez

R&B Sample: Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan

Reggae Sample: Jamming by Bob Marley

Country Sample: I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash

Soul Sample: I Feel Good by James Brown

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