The first time I heard that we are just numbers to the corporate body, which represents 99 percent of everything out there in the world today, I was shocked for I thought I had it all figured out already, but there seemed to be something new to learn every day.

The meeting was over, and I thought we had covered all and every aspect of the problems that we had; we talked about how to motivate our employees to do a better job, basically all down to the motto that urged to treat your employees as you would treat your most important client. The meeting was over and everybody was convinced that we touched the very heart of the problem, which was the human aspect of it. Then we went to the other side of the world, or should I say, the upper side of the world, the one reserved only for the gods among us.

The talk was so different on that side of the world. Many of our human concerns rendered invalid there. Every conversation would turn into a number game. An x number of employees could produce an X number of projects in an X amount of time. Each employee was represented as a mathematical X; it is worth mentioning that all X’s are just the same in math, and it is like that in real life as almost all X employees become Ex-employees and are always replaced by the infinite number of potential X’s out there. So I concluded that:


G= gods among men
X= employees
Y= clients
Z= everybody else/nobody

We conclude that…

All people are Z’s until they become Y’s; the more Y’s we have, the more X’s we hire; all X’s are worth just the same; Y always gives, so it is always a positive value, X always takes, so it is always a negative value. We give all X’s purpose for their being by making them Y’s to buy the things we make, which zeros them out. However, in case of conflict between X and Y, we should leave out the negative value X to keep the positive value Y positive; then X becomes Z again, so we conclude that X is disposable and replaceable from the great pool of Z’s, and that Y is indispensable but replaceable, too; Z could stand for mutants as they change back and forth to X and Y, or maybe, Z for all these zombies out there… and one last important thing: all X’s, Y’s, and Z’s must never become or be considered as G’s no matter what they do, or else, G will be G no more.

I apologize for all this mathematical bull**** which might sound ambiguous to some of you, so in other words, all X’s are like gears, cylinders, screws and other parts in a machine; some parts might be more important than other parts or more expensive, but as long as this machine is making products, nobody cares how it works or what it takes for it to work, but when it breaks, the malfunctioning part (X) is quickly diagnosed, fixed if possible or straightened out to go back to the same spot to do exactly the same thing, or better yet replaced with another X.

Every time this happened, I would think it was the fault of one person sitting on top of an organization I happened to work for, but it happened too many times to be just a coincidence. It is how the corporate system works; it makes you go to work, to the same old fu***** place every day for the purpose of consuming the same things you are making, which you probably do not need. Buying dreams and selling dreams is the ugly capitalist face of the corporate world we live in today; either you are an X a Y, or both at the same time, or nobody at all.

December 14, 2015

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