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One may look at the word “unidentification,” and wonder what it may mean. We usually need the opposite meaning, which aims at unlocking the real identity of unidentified things or people. But humans were never after reversing this process; once something is identified, it is irreversible. When you know something, the only way to unknow it is by choosing to forget, or when your mind grows too weak to remember anything. The lack of need for something like that made it tough to find a word with this meaning so I made one up: “unidentification.”

Once wars were waged to gain more lands, to allegedly pursue more honor or glory, to avenge the loss of something or someone. There is no way to list the thousands of real or false reasons for which wars have been waged since the dawn of mankind. And there is no question about the quantum leaps of development humans have made in the art of war more than in any other field that might do good to humanity. We have developed our weapons so now we are proudly able to wipe our existence from this planet a hundred times over. Yet one of the newest weapons developed and designed to be a virus that attacks the mind, and the damage it leaves is worse than death. This virus is called “Unidentification: The road to global conformity.”

If I want to attack you today, I don’t attack your body, for history made it so clear that even Black Death was not able to wipe us out at a time we had little to defend ourselves against it. So body attack is out of the question for it is a futile method of submitting you. I do attack your identity, I do disfigure your principles, I do mutilate your virtues and create a monster to adopt all these fearsome ideas in your name for all the world to know who you are, or to know the monstrous identity I have created for you, which I want everyone to see; and with the fewer and fewer shepherds and the growing numbers of sheep, my job is becoming easier than ever.
How artful it is to make you a fugitive in your own country, for just saying you come from there is a big shame. How artful it is to make you deny you belong to your religion and belief, for just you don’t want to be a part of anybody’s nightmares, yet you let them all in yours. How artful it is to make you rename yourself, for your name has become a stain you go to the impossible to get rid of, and along the way you curse the parents who have not chosen a name for you, that sounds and belongs to the stronger clan. Then you run away from your name, religion, ideas, principles, parents, and all your roots naked, alone, and too vulnerable in the jungle. You desperately seek a new identity for you can find your own no more. Another robe to wear that will never fit, and will never disguise you enough to be saved from the discrimination of the native makers of this robe. You become a victim of “unidentification.” Trust me when I tell you that by running away and denying you belong to whatever you belong to is my ultimate goal, and I eventually win.


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