Underpaid, Underrated and Underestimated

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Everybody feels the same all around wherever you go, whoever you see, whichever occasion it may be, they have the same feeling all the time: They feel underpaid, underrated, and underestimated. Well, I just feel the same most of the time. Working for some people who just care about seeing one aspect of you, usually the aspect you take for granted, and they claim this is but a temporary place for you, where you have been for ages, is not easy.

People after sometime lose all their enthusiasm and tend to trick the time to pass, just pass without them doing anything useful for the tasks they were assigned to do, or some others whose tasks are too easy for them and so they can finish all their assignments too quickly to linger for the rest of the day they have to spend in their working places staring at nothingness, drowning in oblivion, cursing their luck and finally accepting their destinies. These people, for sure, live, and they may even live longer than others who just give their stupid everything for the work they do, and, as they say, really earn the money they get. However, these people live but on the margin of the life; they never make headlines; they never leave an impact except for the negative one they spread around like germs spread in a weak body eating it out from the inside, making it too fragile to ever sustain life the way we, human beings, are to sustain life. These people think they trick the time to pass by to finish their day after day after day at work, and they get their paychecks at the end of the month, and then nothing happens at all except that time really passes them by like a train long been waited to arrive just for them to listen to it hooting, watch it pass, and then miserably wait for the next one to come for it may be the one they are waiting for, but they are waiting for nothing more than Godot that never comes.

I understand all the suffering of having to do something you may not like or where you feel only a small portion of your talents and skills are being activated, so you fear to lose the rest and thus never realizing your true potential in life. But I would love to think that our true potential in life is not up to others to have it realized for us. Even their help is just a small push, but it is we who have to do all the rest. I choose to give the best I can for any work I happen to be doing until I get to do the work I love doing. I prefer to do the things that do not show my full potential very well to have a better chance of showing my potential when the time comes. I’d rather wait for no buses or trains to take me anywhere; I will go there on foot and catch the train on the way; for when it comes, I will be ready to get on it and bear with its super speed. Some whine about the no chances they have in life, but I think that they haven’t done much to deserve what they dream to get from life, and they just want to get to the top of the stairs with one gigantic leap, but this leap is not accounted for; it may get them to the top and it may not. They can wait for this lucky strike to come, but I can’t wait for it; I am going to make this lucky strike with my own two hands, and the road leading there is full of positivity, joy, and happiness because even if I die trying, I will have been active until I die, not numb and dead while I am still alive. I don’t care if I am underpaid, underrated or underestimated because that’s only what they think, not my own opinion. I disagree with them, but my system is going to work not theirs. And this numbness I will never feel before I am dead.


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