To become, to be
what else does it take
but a strong will makes
way to a coming hurricane
who else does it take
in a world full of tools
among those fools but me

To take a journey or whine
and a drink poured dry
in a bottomless glass
to fill the memory with mist
alas like everywhere so sweet
everywhere just tastes of wine
to mourn a day never been born
to mourn a way never been pathed

To thrive and to succeed
for that fragile sprout
to find its way up
among a ton of weed
to smoke at any time
like a child’s lullaby
keeps you all awake
and puts the world to sleep;
yet the way’s up there
the sun does not shine
in the undergrowth.

Crying for help, for days
for nights, sounding a surrender
or yawping a battle cry
in the center of loneliness
of all those fruitless steps
take one more
it doesn’t hurt if you try
for those who don’t
will never see it in the eye
it was a fig leaf away from the truth
this deep’s how deep it lies
strip all these worldly lies
nothing can cover your heart
but your bare skin dry or wet
it tells the truth
for once if you don’t put all the world
you can never see the world
you can never become yourself.

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