Stories about the God of the north are told and how he dealt with his people. Then when all the stories are told, you are asked to believe them and say he is the one and the only god. You agree because of the strength of these powerfully-plotted stories and because of the magnitude of the devastating impact on the non-believers as they say. The next day you travel south and you hear different stories about the same one and only god, only this time he is different – he is the same, but somewhat different; I still cannot differentiate – You listen to the stories with an open mind and heart, but in the end they close down the room of freedom you think you have, and tell you about the horrors you will face if you do not declare their god the one and the only. Needless to say, the same happens when you travel to the any other direction.

There has always been too many gods since the beginning of time. When people have finally believed there is only one, they have started to kill in his name. They believe he is one, but they give him many names; they dress him in different cloaks and they take the reins from his hands to lead his life to different places as they tell different stories about him. They created gods, nurtured gods, and sometimes monsters, and then they killed in the name of these gods under the name of the one and the only god. That is no god, for I don’t see why he created us to order some of us to kill the rest. I don’t see how this fits under any category or any description they give to god. They want to classify god into too many gods, and then they tell you he is the one, but the question is: which one?

I am just a simple fellow and my mind is not as sophisticated as theirs, I look at God in a simple way as I look at my life. I go on and do what I want in life, but I respect the ones around, as I do demand their respect, too. I am nobody to tell who is right or who is wrong. If I can one day know whether what I do is right or wrong, I will be a lucky man. I don’t dare say who is blasphemous, sacrilegious, impious, or profane or any of these big words, which we have too many of; I simply don’t understand what these words mean. I cannot really tell what lies inside of me, and I keep giving surprises to myself when I don’t behave as I planned or as my so-called moral conduct dictates. Should I call myself blasphemous because I failed myself, which is my only proof of any divinity in this world? We shouldn’t rush to make those fearful judgments of who is in and who is out; who is inside the circle of trust and who is the outcast; who is included and who is excluded from the feast of the so-called truth we call out for, we search for, and we die for in vain. The truth is that the wiser we are, the more people we include, the more people we respect, and the more people we trust. We get wiser when we know ourselves better and from this marvelous creation, we strive to add something to humanity, not to argue about who made this marvelous creation, which we mar by doing so. Whoever your god is, let him shine through you so that others can see and then believe, but when you kill them, they won’t be able to see what you mean in death.

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