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They tell you not to fall in love, for that will bring you down to your knees and smite your ruins on the far bank of river oblivion in the land of the neglected that are remembered by no one, except for some nostalgic people who may come to visit the valley, shed a couple of tears on the bones of those who were gone and be gone themselves back to their lives.

They tell you not to fall in love for that will make you weak, and what you remember from your old days of might and power will not survive the fallen flakes of winter snow, and will be hurt by the rays of the first dawn sun, and dampened by the first drops of rain; you will be so fragile that anything can break you, but what’s worse is that you will keep breaking and mending until you can mend no more, and you stay broken till the last of your days.

They tell you not to fall in love for that will steal your freedom from you, and put you in a little cage, where you will feel what must be like a bird locked inside to entertain, to sing when it has to sing in the confines of slavery. When one day, tired of being the circus bird, you drop down and die, but when you keep one eye open to see who’s going to miss you, you find out that they don’t notice you are dead until after a while and when they do, they just worry about one thing: who can replace you.

They tell you all this, but before you decide not to fall in love, think twice, for either the ones who tell you this has never been in love or lost love and blamed it all on their lovers. They are still mourning it, not because they are still dead, which they may be, but because they lack the courage to live and love again. While they can’t love; while they are too afraid to love, while they dare not love, they keep telling you that you cannot because they know deep inside that the only joy in life is over there, and since they dare not go there, they don’t want you to.

Love can destroy you, can make you weak, or can steal your freedom from you. Yes, it may do all that, but it is the only way that leads to real life; it is the only thing that destroys all what you built your life on in order to build a new one, a different one, better or not. It is the only thing that can make you weak, but then how could you tell you can be strong afterwards? It can put you in a cage if that cage means to lock you away from your ego and selfishness. The walls of this cage are you; you can be as great as you can be. Can love do all this? It can even do a lot more; love can destroy you, make you weak, steal your freedom, but it is the only way to the real life; it is the only way to be a human.

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