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Everyone says there must be peace only when the fighting is brought close to their cities, homes and families. They say there must be peace when they have no power to fight; when they doubt their resilience and ability to survive, or only after it has eaten all the sheep, the wolf turns a dove.

It is in the depth of our engineering as human beings to strike back when someone strikes at us as long as we have the muscle. The real peaceful people are not the weak that do not have the muscle to fight in the first place, and thus were forced to become as peaceful as sheep; the real peaceful people are those who can silence their warmongering nature while they are able to bear arms and fight. Strength is not to be strong enough to destroy others; strength is to be strong enough to stop ourselves from destroying those who are weaker than us. We have thrived to be strong all our lives, but only if we can protect the weak, will our strength have any meaning at all.

We say “There must be war” to show how fearless and powerful we are, but only in our calls for peace when we are strong is the real evidence of our might, by which we can replace people’s temporary fear and awe with permanent love and respect. Yet war is no more than a commercial game of young people dying with all their dreams and ambitions for some old people to get older, live longer and get richer. War is necessary for nations to grow, they say, as war has always been the most important reason for nations to advance in science and knowledge as if our creativity and genius could never show unless for the purpose of destroying each other. How pathetic we are! We could not find any other way to advance and to grow but on each other’s corpses.

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