The Same Road

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Let’s walk the road to the end and see where it leads for if you are in doubt as you say and you want to see, let’s go. There, at the far end of the path, I see the tree where we can all enjoy the shade and comfort after the long tiring journey. Out of the many different possible roads, I choose this snakey way for it is the one I know it is.

But then knowing all this about the road I know that I walked this road before, and had I been satisfied the first time, I wouldn’t be here desiring to reach the same tree another time, but why seeking the same road; we know what’s waiting in there, we know exactly where it leads; falling in the same pit too many times will not fill it up, it will just make it deeper and more difficult to get out from, so let’s stop for a while and, for once, think.

The last time we took the same road, we lost many on the way; many died of thirst and hunger, many were lost to the traps on the way, and many were gone and forgotten. This tree we were seeking at the end of the road had its own conditions to give shade and the so-called comfort; there was a specific number to be held under the shade of this tree, but our numbers were much bigger and we needed to lighten the load and get rid of the excess of people and principles we had. We tried many times to get under the shade, but we were rejected every time until we fulfilled the requests and weakened each other, only then were we ready to enter the artificial shade they made for us. Some called it a victory getting there. I can hardly see how it can be victory walking over the corpses of brothers and sisters, and the thing that made the most stupid thing in this tale was that we all killed for the shade of this tree for rent leaving our own free oasis for free. That was the civil war and its path. Alas, we want to walk this path again after we had seen exactly where we would be at the end of it.

Let us just stop and think and see what‘s going around us and all the people we try to exclude and hate and kill are our brothers and sisters not because they are of the same religion, color, gender, beliefs or any other things we are delusional in the way we imagine then bleed and die for, but because we are all human beings no more and no less. All the things we believe in and respect were supposed to elevate us from just our being mammals that belong to a species far better cultivated and ethical than we have become. Let us all ponder and think about what legacy we are leaving behind and I know it is hard to plant a tree whose fruit we will see none of, but it is planted for the next generations to cherish and use and remember the ones that made that possible. Let us be remembered with a smile on the faces and a tear in the eyes not with streams of curses that never end. Let us remember to be remembered well and give way for our names to shine through history as the unknown knights of real and just freedom; freedom that is free to include all the people and exclude none.


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