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Standing on a hilltop
near the sunset of all
tasty like a glass of wine
masterfully made
from the grapes of fall.

All the vineyards I left
the bonds cut and dispersed
like a large bill changed
coins in children’s hands
just before the festival.

Memories eroded into the mist
covering the fields of innocence
no more are the limbs sustenance
to that great mind above nor
can the spine any longer stand tall?

Friends fall like winter leaves
one by one the old willow tree
is willow-shading no more
the heat strikes like poison
the rain penetrates my soul.

Lovers and kin roaming the earth
not knowing yet that one day
they will all come back right here
and weep their hearts out like a child
for he is then a child no more.

Strangers looked on but did not know
what made my eyes in tears glow
what was so fast in a body so slow
only I know I left something to all
only I know I am now ready to go.

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