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Out of hell I might have reached
With words unheard and beseeched;
Of cloudless skies I sought rain
To soothe misery and pain.

With terrible thunderstorms,
Reality from dream forms;
And close to desperation,
Words and thoughts find relation.

Nothing’s easy as they say;
When fate and destiny sway,
You find yourself a fine place
In the eye of the storm race.

Once at last you find a spot
In such a place burning hot,
You create your oasis;
Walk; untie all the laces.

Your dream is right there waiting;
I show you but you’re mating.
To better future you ought
Give birth to your very thought.

When the river starts to run,
Nothing can then block the sun.
When a mind dark place you light,
No one can say you’re not right.

And if like mothers you die,
Your offspring out there knows why
Your life was rightfully spent:
A lethal message you sent.

For those who hold truth within
Commit the world’s biggest sin:
To seek knowledge for their own,
And light and fade all alone.


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