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Don’t tame me!
My heart is wild;
my measures of love
are not measured by your sanity—
your common sense is too common for me,
just let me be
a lonely spirit waking every day
hungry for a start,
for none shall remain from the day before—
a new story begins at dawn
for better or worse at dusk is gone;
to remember the bits of what makes you who you are
is far better than to stuff the bits for one perfect memory—
to live up to the world,
but the world knows no harmony
away from the dull beats of conformity,
you will have to let me dine alone
beneath the stars;
no fancy chandeliers
no crystal wine glass
no big diamond ring
no kneeling, no horse, no knight
will ever secure my heart
and domesticate me in one of your pens—
unlike your many spoils and hens,
I am one bird who preferred the hazardous sky
to the safety of your nest;
safe is not who I am
tamed is not who I want to be,
for you, I may choose love,
but freedom, I will until eternity.

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