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On the Edge | Poem | from Chaos

by | May 23, 2022 | Poetry | 0 comments

On the Edge | Poem by Danny Ballan

We live on the edge of time
Too many dreams sunk
In too much or too little wine
Fleeting is everything
Fleeting is yours and mine
So much for the big plan
Today I don’t understand
How long it took to think
How little we stopped to feel
The wind blowing all around
The sky for once so clear
Life’s a knife we take our first
And last ride
right there on that narrow line
We live on the edge of time.

Don’t wait; I’ve waited long enough
For a life we could have lived
The both of us
Too much thought and fear
and dreams always too near
But stretch a leg or a hand
And take it; it’s yours and mine
I won’t blame you if you make it
Wait not for me nor any man
What’s gone is way behind
The little oil left
To light the lantern
Is not meant to burn
In search of oil we spent
Fleeting is everything
Fleeting is yours and mine
We live on the edge of time.

No guarantees but this moment
No beats to count tomorrow
No point in searching
No point in wondering
Where all other moments went
It’s the view you have in front of you
It’s at this very moment this scent
Don’t wait for its trace tomorrow
It will always lose a little bit
Of its meaning and its grace
Put it right there on that shelf
When you see it, it brings back a smile
To reminisce is not a crime
But don’t do it too much
For you and I must remember
Fleeting is everything
Fleeting is yours and mine
We live on the edge of time.


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