They darted towards the door of my father’s room in the hospital to show how they are afraid for his health and how they are careful not to miss this chance of coming and consoling the patient and his family in the time of need, which makes a friend, indeed, as they say. But the moment they stepped in, they suddenly turned into statistics experts and ones who really understood the power of numbers, equations, and percentages;

they quickly recollected the percentages of success and failure for this specific operation my father was about to undergo, they explained what some of these numbers mean to the simple stupid people that didn’t understand how grave the situation was, and they came up with results and recommendations for more reading like those we find in books. In short, they gave him a little more than no chance of survival according to their research.

The same happened when my friend was preparing to get married when he knew all and everything about divorce rates, when my cousin learned about the no chance of employment in that big company with proof in numbers and statistics even before he submitted the CV, and the too many lessons of reality that told me with hard evidence that there was no means possible to imagine and to fly.

Negativity lands in the media, but more dangerously in the mind. After reading, hearing, and watching what came to be known as the bitter truth of reality, we were no longer able to dream, to see the blue horizon where the sun meets the sea, to enjoy anything, or to appreciate anything and live the moment. The way to the real life is blocked by negativity spreading everywhere around us. I keep thinking that some of the forgotten tribes living in the deep jungles may be better off without the negative daily bombardment of the media around us; the simplicity in their lives is the key to happiness. The simplicity of our lives, if we can achieve this complex task, is the key to our happiness.

There are enough success stories to balance out the failures. There are enough happy endings to balance out the sad ones. There is enough life on this planet to balance death. Where we want to stand makes a real difference because we are all part of the equation, and we all help one side outweigh the other. Do we stand on negativity and outweigh the good in this earth, or do we stress the positive good in this life and outweigh the negative tides that are about to eat up the joy and happiness in our lives. We are all contributing to this; let’s just be careful what we are contributing to.

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