Laugh and Move On

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Poetry | 0 comments

I laugh and face
A long desert
After a mountain,
And stain my little eyes
With hope and fear
One day may come
And I get blind.

I came last
In that race
The other day you held
Between the world
And yourself;
You have reached
The boundaries of the world,
You think, but I know
I am still getting to know you.

I laugh and face
The long line of lies,
And places unmarked
On my map,
And impossible
In a short story
To wrap,
A long life
Of hills and valleys.
Climbing up today;
Falling off tomorrow,
But knowing there is a way
Back up to the top
Eases the fall.

I laugh at me;
I laugh with me.
I know I may not like tomorrow
What I today will see,
But I love them now
And I want them now.
What is right today
Can never be wrong
And every step
Brings me closer
To know myself
And love myself
And earn myself
With all the joy
And the sorrow
I laugh and cry
And laugh again,
For no real smile
Has not been born
Alone with no tears;
And I have learned
From this journey
Only to love
Only to live
Only to laugh
And to move on.



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