Just Be Positive and Shut Up

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It is very negative not to be positive the whole time. Think of good stuff and you shall have it every day of your life. You may have a family of your own, children maybe, or a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a father, a sister or a brother, or anyone you may care about. Be positive that you still have them and cherish every moment with them before one of you is gone forever. You have got a job when a lot of other people do not. You are living in a paradise compared to other people living in famines and wretched situations. They keep patronizing you all the time because of your negativity and despondent perspective in life. It has never been easier to be positive when you are on the blessed side of the table. 

The feast has already begun, and you are surrounded by a million things you crave for but do not dare dream of calling yours, but that is not half as painful as when you have realized that what if you had all these things, would they serve as a dream? The feast has previously begun, and the table is already surrounded, the seats of honor taken, the silverware worn out and claimed, even the second and third circles further away from the center, reserved for crumbs snatchers, are too crowded for you to step in and shine, if crumbs were what you craved for in life. However, you must be positive and pacified that at the end of the tunnel, there shall be light, and the long dark night is not meant to last. The Morphine of modern man is not religion and the afterlife alone, there are many things you can buy that will sound like a cola can, cold sparkling and refreshing, but soon the sound and taste and feel of this sparkling sugared water are gone, so you go buy another bottle, or a bigger one for the coke’s effect to last longer.

Just be positive and shut up. You have no right to claim what’s yours and everyone’s, not the feudal lords’ and the ones with a certain birthright. In the eyes of God, we are all the same, but it seems God has not been looking this way for a very long time. In fact, he might have never looked at all. What you don’t get here, you will get in the afterlife, but this is the only life you know, and it is the single way you have learned to be happy. Do not promise riches you have not or a harvest you have never sown. Go by the measures of humans to meet god and humanly rewards and punishments on the scale of god that cannot be touched or seen. I am no man without the senses and feelings that make me a man, so who will I be there if there is there? I know I just need to be positive and shut up. I know I need to turn a blind eye to your blunders and exploitations, satisfy myself with what you shit out of your silky ass and life, be satisfied with the very little I have and accept what you have taken from me and all your stupidity for a prize I know I won’t get. The end of the tunnel is as black and the night is as dark. The tunnel has always been in my heart, in my mind. It’s not out of jealousy and envy, but out of my right to be anybody you do not decide. I choose; I thrive; I try, then I may get there, or I might look back at the end at a life full of me, trying and dying, but not a life you have drawn and I fit into my cramped canvas place with the crowds waiting to be placed on another canvas when you are baptized and circumcised and married and crowned. Later I join the carpets and ass wipes everywhere and the less tongue I have after brushing your ass all the way up and down, I will be then as positive as you have always wanted me to be. Well, guess what: I’m not; I will never be your interpretation of positivity when being positive is only a means to serve you; I am positive to serve me for a better world where I can be just like you and everybody else. I can be anybody. You don’t think so; come on, just be positive and shut up.


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