Humanity Canvas

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So you think you know,
You really do.
And the whole world
Is drawn
From the angle of your eyes;
Freedom is yours,
But to bless the ones who do,
And kill the ones who don’t.

You imagine the world a pen,
With sheep
So may differ
In the mixture of hue.
They eat, they grow;
You starve them, they doom—
And you all godlike see.
If this was in god’s mind,
Then god is definitely not true—
For diverge is the picture
When it has more
Than just a spectrum of colors,
But more than a tangible choice.

I choose to be what I am,
And you choose to be you.
Therefore, to take my liberty,
I have to free your mind, too;
And I take nothing the less from you.
The further my journey goes,
The wider our vision expands,
For the journey of humanity
More than a pair of eyes demands.
To think all can be figured out
In only one mind,
Is like admiring but one fruit,
And leave the whole world behind.
Wake up and see:
There is more than you and me;
In this wide world to be
So wide,
There must be all,
Going their way
To form the great humanity masterpiece.



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