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I have learned to take
From the tree that carried me,
The hands that fed,
And the heart that bled—
To make me the man
I am today.
I have learned to take all,
And leave nothing behind.

I have promised to give
When I have taken enough—
Like the eye of desire,
Never filled but with a handful of dirt;
The taller I got,
I just wanted to get taller.
To see the world from high above,
I forgot the bottom;
I forgot where I came from—
Like the promise of water
In a scorching desert,
My promise dried up
In the veins of those
Who needed me the most.

It all started with condition,
And with condition,
All was ruined.
From me waiting to have enough
To give—
Enough was never enough—
Like the sea,
All that rain
Never made me greater.
It was all inside me
Waiting for me to see:
That all I was waiting for
To give
Was fake,
And I have had it all,
But chosen to neglect:
That all it takes to give
Is only generosity.



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