Cradle of My Heart

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

She laughs and giggles
she knows the pearls
waiting within
for a cruel sailor
paying no heed to the lack of spring—
hot waters, cold waters,
the rules of the game do not,
but the gain in the end matters—
like softening the seeds
impotent like a raging river before a dam—
trees like hearts wait,
the queen has not come yet
in the heart of darkness, she went
to do her time for eternity;
her days are mine,
her nights are not;
they belong to everyone else—
they can fill her greed
I, on the other hand,
can fill her heart.

Last moments of a golden age,
no longer shines in the eyes of men—
eternal sun to me a creed
I have never grown up—
she is the cradle of my heart;
not for that false hope
to break away and go—
promise a sparrow a fresh start
after clipping her wings;
this moment is a present but once,
no past, no future to behold;
in my arms, glowing like a match
let us look while we can see
what treasure you hold inside your eyes
what faith I have in mine
the ocean will never be still enough to dive;
now is the time to be alive.


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