Why Myths and Legends

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Why have we always been fascinated by the too-good-to-be-true characters and stories? At one point in the past, people used to believe these stories, and even considered them as their religions. From these stories they selected gods to worship, rituals to follow, and more importantly, reasons to live for. Everything in nature was to be worshiped as long as it was not understood. We would do what we have always done best, we would make up a story to explain what we could not understand. That is how myths came into being, but myths still exist today not only as a part of our literature, but also in some new forms of myths we have today. As long as there are things we cannot explain, there will be myths.

It is a fascinating venue to be exploring and learning a lot from, for the old ways of creating gods are not so different from the new ones. Humans have always believed in things other than themselves and called them gods. It is not the point of which are true and which are not, the point has always been us and our place in all this mess. Where we meant to be and where we really are today.

Myths and legends are some of the richest sources of the human race legacy. They have all our hope, passion, love, hatred, and all our other intense feelings; they have all the reasons why we are alive; they have a world beyond this one and the guarantee for our immortality; they have the almighty to depend on and the independent heroes to look up to; they have that evil spirit originated in us that has been given names and terrible forms and shapes. How can a thing so rich and intense ever go from the history of the human race? Myths and Legends Series will explore the heat and passion of some pearls from the human race imagination.

December 22, 2015


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