Wake Up

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Where will the journey take us further? We have been here for thousands of years, and the sole purpose most of our species have found for our existence is to destroy each other. One day, you may be the one and I will be the others; one day, I may be the one. What difference does it make when there must be shoulders trodden down for others to get on and rise? Our very own existence is based on the welfare of some and the suffering of others as if equilibrium requires it, and justice cannot be done if not against every mouth that’s fed, there is an empty one; and against every heart that smiles, there is a gloomy one.

Should we then care about the whole world, or just ourselves? “I am just too insignificant to change the world” isn’t that idea enough to hold us back from each other and let very few tyrants take control of our hunger and misery? It does not matter what we have done, but what we are about to do.
If we could just start not with the ones on the other side of the globe, but with the ones next door and if we could care about our own more than we care about our neighbor’s stranger friend, life will find its balance again and all the fountains will break out once more from the mountains of our egos, selfishness, and greed.
If we don’t plan to save the few elephants left in Africa, and leave them to their owners and try to save a kitten that is stuck on the tree in our yard; if we care more about the water that is about to run out in our neighborhood, we will do the world a bigger favor.

If we stop thinking about the thousand differences we have with people thousands of miles away, and, therefore, wish to destroy them and plan to annihilate all in our way, if instead, we think about the million things we have in common; if we think that no man should grow fat from eating his brother’s flesh, we might consider ourselves humans.

If we think this will never end, and that the world we live in will always give without expecting anything in return, we will stop using the only thing that matters in our heads. This world is dying, Mother Earth is desperately crying out: “Help! I have accommodated you all for so long, but now you are about to kill me. I will not fall alone; you, alongside me, will fall.” Let’s wake up my fellow Earth dwellers before it is too late.


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