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Far Has The Ship Drifted

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Spotlights | 0 comments

We have sailed with dreams and hopes filling the earth and the sky with a sense of possibility and an aura of positivity following us around wherever we went, and the ship was keeping up with our dreams and staying the course; it wasn’t very fast, but fast enough for us to believe and realize that what we had set out to do was quite possible and within our reach.

Then one day some of us wanted to change things in the ship for it was “too slow,” they said. They made us abandon some of our traditional food craters to replace with some light meals, which made the ship lighter, it went much faster, and so did we. Then our clothes were not designed for quick on-and-off techniques and so slowed us down, so they had us replace them with much lighter and liberating ones, and so the ship went faster with our faster movement at incredible speed. Then it was time to change the old sail which was kind of ragged from being used for ages and ages long. We have replaced it with yet another new addition to our ship that has nothing original in it but us, or so we thought. The new sail had the power of pushing us forward much faster than before, but with the increasing speed and unlimited places we could possibly go to, each one of us wanted to go somewhere different and we argued for years about our new destinations, so we stayed where we were not moving further until we solved all our problems before we set sail again.

This tale has been going on for centuries now, and we have been arguing and fighting all along; and now we don’t have one ship, as we have divided it into different regions and different parts; each one of us took control of one of which and fought to control the other parts. We know we can never win, and hell we know that none of us can move using their part alone. It started when we replaced what we have too quickly with what we do not, and we moved too fast from what we know to what we do not. We used to have one ship and one captain with so many colors and badges from our clans woven together into one sail. Now we have a new one-colored sail, but too many parts inside the same ship with too many captains trying to steer the flagless ship towards them. We stayed in our place for years until we decided on a destination, but we are people of the sea; how could we not know the first rule of the sea? If you don’t set course, you won’t stay where you are as the sea will choose one for you.

Too far has the ship drifted still waiting for us to agree on a course to take, and a decision to make, but, alas, we keep our identity so fake, putting the lives of all our people at stake, wondering from this nightmare if we will ever wake, not knowing that only together we shall prevail, but alone we will one by one definitely break.


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